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          Hello, welcome to visit the official website of jiujiang xingda can machinery co., LTD.

          Latest announcement

          Hot product

          Hot product


          Jiujiang Xingda Can Machinery Co., Ltd.

          Jiujiang Xingda Can Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, as a member of China Packaging Technology Association, it is one of the large-scale professional enterprises in domestic production of metal can making equipment. The enterprise covers an area of 10,000 square meters, our factory building occupy 6,000 square meters, has a number of product development, manufacturing and production management of professional and technical personnel, production ability strong, product high quality, and with complete product...[view details]


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          • brand

            Industry brand designated partners

            Since its establishment, it has been sold to more than 20 cities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to the United States, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Peru, Turkey, India and other international markets.
          • plan

            Provide a variety of solutions according to

            According to the drawings, samples or ideas provided by customers, we will design, process and make products specifically Manufacturing, to provide customers with a complete set of mechanical equipment, to maximize the customer's needs
          • quality

            The quality inspection management system is improved

            With first-class scientific research and technical personnel, high-quality technical workers and sophisticated and complete processing equipment,Before the product is sent out
          • service

            Perfect after-sales service

            Free on-site installation and debugging, free warranty within 12 months after purchase To provide you with tin can supporting information (tinplate, tinplate color printing, punch and other supporting information) Provide the information of tin making parts (wire girder, sealing ring, plastic handle, welding ear, etc.)

          Workshop show

          Workshop show

          News center/News center


          • Can sealing machine shoul... 2015-08-07

            Can sealing machine is a single head automatic can sealing machine with two pairs of coiling and sea...

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